The Not-So-Crazy Canuck Podcast

On this episode Kira Callahan Talks to us about what it takes to achieve successful sales conversations: pick up some pointers and build better business relationships

This Feels Right Podcast

Confidence is that feeling of self -assurance, it feels right. We’re comfortable being ourselves and express ideas and emotions fearlessly … but it’s not easy to get there.

Owning your story as we find out in this podcast… that’s a big piece! TFR ‘s special guest is Kira Callahan, Sales and Confidence coach and Founder of Conversation Gym. We talk about:

👉 Kira shares Advisor client turnarounds to feel more confident
👉 3 principles of confidence to have more fulfilling professional relationships
👉 Kira’s own difficult moments where she had to face fear and work her way back to confidence

Communicating with confidence is going to feel right!

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